Executive Presence and Readiness: Timing is Everything

When opportunity knocks, will you be ready?

3 min
September 26, 2020

Over the span of most anyone’s career, great opportunities present themselves a very limited number of times.  More often than not, they appear when we least expect them.  Which leads to a pretty obvious question: will you be ready when they arrive?

The best hedge is to keep enhancing your executive presence skills, because whenever opportunity does arrive, you will be able to seize it as well prepared as possible.  The fact that you have been getting ready for that moment will also enhance your confidence--your ability to visualize a positive outcome becomes more tangible!

Most of us have witnessed a time or two when someone was presented with an opportunity and she/he simply didn’t have “what it takes” to seize upon it successfully.  Too many people assume that they’ll be ready for the next big opportunity even though they’ve done precious little to be ready for it.  If you’re dedicated to enhancing your executive presence at all times, that preparation becomes a constant in your daily professional life.  In any sport, a championship has never been won by a contestant or team that doesn’t practice consistently and effectively.  Why should it be any different for executives who want to win?

While the timing of an opportunity is uncertain, the timing of our preparation for it is incredibly certain.  Focusing on the latter will enable us to take advantage of the former!