The Five R's to Become Remarkable...

Here's my take on those five critical "R's".

3 min
November 21, 2019

Webster's definition: "worthy of being or likely to be noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary".

Regardless of one's station in life, aspiring to become remarkable is an achievable goal. Being remarkable sets one in a distinctive group of human beings that truly make a positive difference in the world. If that's something that you aspire to, here's my take on those five critical "R's".

  • Be responsible. Do not hesitate to be held accountable for your own behavior and the choices you make. Avoid the temptation to blame others before examining your role in a given situation.
  • Be respectful. We are all God’s children. Regardless of another person’s situation, that person remains a human being who deserves the same dignity that everybody else does.
  • Be reliable. Who is not attracted to someone that can be counted on? Let your words match your deeds. If you say you’ll be there at 9am, then don’t show up at 10am…
  • Be resourceful. Try to avoid being a burden on other people. Use your own talents, skills and knowledge to further your objectives first! Leaning on others as a matter of habit is unfair and breeds resentment.
  • Be relaxed. Tense people make other people tense. And tense people rarely open up to others. Even a modest sense of humor can make others around you feel at ease.

Do you pass the "lifeboat test"? If you found yourself stranded at sea in a lifeboat with nothing but oars and a bunch of strangers, how would you behave? Would you be able to call upon the traits necessary to make a positive contribution to the situation? Would your fellow passengers recognize you as a "go to" person who could help get them to safety? Make no mistake, not everyone has what it takes to pass this test. It has little to do with gender, race, physical strength, education, or any other "external" attribute. It's more about what's inside of you, what makes you who you are, and how you conduct your life. There is one certainty--the world is in dire need of more people that can pass the "lifeboat test" with flying colors. We all live in an incredibly large and complex "lifeboat" that we call planet Earth. It's the only reality that we really know. And we are all profoundly interdependent whether we want to be or not.

With all of the problems and challenges we face, having an ample supply of remarkable people is critical. The good news is that "unremarkable" people have the potential to become remarkable should they choose to do so. Make the commitment. Do the work. Realize that you and the rest of us will benefit by you doing so. And know that there will be tangible and intangible rewards that come with that stature. Not status, stature. Status is fleeting, stature is permanent.